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The PLC strongly condemns British government's attempts to protect war criminals
The PLC strongly condemns British government's attempts to protect war criminals
The Presidency of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), condemned intentions by the British PM Gordon Brown to propose to the parliament a change of the law that allows judges to consider universal jurisdiction cases brought by individuals.
Saturday, March 6,2010 12:34

GAZA - Deputy speaker of the PLC, Dr. Ahmad Bahar, said in a statement on Thursday that, if the British government did change the law, it would be a negative reflection on the British justice system and would expose the falsehood of their slogans about promoting the principles of democracy and human rights worldwide.

"This inclination reflects political degeneration, moral regression and humanity failing, as it means achieving cheap political interests at the expense of the suffering and the blood of hundreds of innocent Palestinian victims who fell as a result of Zionist criminality and terrorism during the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip," said Bahar.

A letter published in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday on the matter prompted predictions that a proposal to change the law was imminent, but the government decided to delay such a change until after the general election.

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Double standard Fsiekonomi.Multiply.Com
A typical double standard governance who support zionist terrorists.
Saturday, March 6,2010 18:34
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