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Syria's human rights calls investigation for dead torture victim
Syria's human rights calls investigation for dead torture victim
Despite Syria's constitution which bans torture, detainees still face torture and sometimes death as investigations reveal.
Tuesday, March 9,2010 20:53

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from a close source in the province of Dar’a that 25 year old Al-Mo’tasim Billah Shafi’ Theeban al-Hariri travelled to Syria from his place of residence in the United Arab Emirates,in April 2009. However, he was immediately arrested upon his arrival upon the border with Jordan.

Al-Mo’tasim Billah Shafi’ was released from prison a month following his arrest and returned to his family in a severely negative physical and psychological condition, due to the brutal torture he was subjected to and was unable to endure. Al-Mo’tasim Billah Shafi’ and his family continued to suffer for ten months, until his death on 25th November 2009, as a result of the torture he had been through.

The source confirmed to SHRC that Al-Mo’tasim Billah Shafi’ was a strongly  buillt young man of sound mind before his arrest and detention.

SHRC expresses its deep sadness of the death of Al-Mo’tasim Billah Shafi’ Theeban al-Hariri’s  and offers its condolences to his family. SHRC also severely condemns the continuation of the use of torture till death in interrogation centres and by  Syrian Intelligence. On this painful occasion, SHRC calls upon the Syrian Authorities to investigate this incident and to try those involved and responsible in  court. It also calls for the ending of torture. The committe beseeches all human rights groups to unite in protest and work for an end to the use of torture, arbitrary and repressive arrests, which are in contradiction to the Syrian Constitution.

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until his death on 25th November 2010, as a result of the torture he had been through. Please note the correction, its 25.11.2009 and not 2010
Wednesday, March 10,2010 07:54
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