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14 leading MB leaders remanded in custody; 21 released
14 leading MB leaders remanded in custody; 21 released
Abdel-Monem Abdel-Maksoud, the Muslim Brotherhood's lawyer, condemned the imprisonment of a number of leading MB leaders, indicating it was an infringement of the Constitution.
Sunday, March 14,2010 15:00

Prosecutors decided to release Sayed Nazeely, head of the MB administrative office in Giza and 14 leading Muslim Brotherhood figures who were also arrested in Giza.
The prosecution however decided to continue the detention of 4 others, including Ahmed Al-Batal and Alaa Mohammed Ali for a further 15 days pending investigations and accused them of the same fabricated accusations made against all the Brotherhood's detainees.
In the Egyptian governorate of Monofeya prosecution decided to extend detention to 10 Muslim Brotherhood leaders a further 15 days pending investigation
In Dakahliya, release orders were issued to 6 MB leaders however a decision has not been made regarding Abdel Fattah Abu Al-Hassan, Adel Abdul Rahman and Dr. Awad Mohamed.
In the governorate of Al-Sharqia, 9 of leading Brotherhood figures are still to be presented before the prosecution including:
Dr Al-Sayyed Abdul Hamid, a former member of parliament
Dr. Amir Bassam
Eng. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Yamani
Dr Ismail Ali
Dr Abdul Abdullah Abd Al-Majeed
Dr Sayyed Mansour
Abdul Nasser Abdul Hamid
Shibl Asker
Mohammed Abd Rab Al-Rasul
Abdel-Monem Abdel-Maksoud, emphasized in a satatement to "Ikhwanweb" that the detainee's release was constitutionally valid emphasizing that the charges leveled against them were fabricated and without grounds. He expressed the hope that the government accelerates its paces in implementing a decision to release all the detainees illustrating respect to the court's rulings and the preserving of the Constitution's legitimacy.
In a related context, Darb al-Ahmar Prosecution decided to release Mohammed Al-Sayyed Munir and Ahmad Al-Sayyed Ghorab who were arrested following protests placing them under "house arrest".  

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