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MB offshoot in Jordan the IAF ratify shura council poll results
MB offshoot in Jordan the IAF ratify shura council poll results
The executive office of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) MB in Jordan has officially ratified election results at 19 branches and called for reelection in two branches.
Tuesday, March 16,2010 14:20

Election results were announced amid conflicting reports over identity of the upcoming secretary general of the party, according to officials at IAF, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest opposition group.

The executive office, which comprises high ranking leaders of the party, said results in two branches, Ruseifa and Aqaba, were not available in time for the meeting held late Sunday after three days of voting.
 A revote is scheduled to take place in Amman and Kufranjeh, in Ajloun governorate, next week, but the outcome of elections at the four branches are unlikely to change balance of power in the party, according to party sources.
 “Now we have two main powers sharing control over the two most important bodies in the Islamic movement. This will lead to a balance of power, which is good for the group instead of having one side controlling the policy,” said the source, in reference to a recent domination by the hawks over the movement’s affairs.
Party officials said they have started preparing for the general assembly to be held later this month to elect a new secretary general for the IAF and choose members of the party’s executive office and shura council.
The shura council will be expected to add 10 new members to the 110 elected by the 24 branches, making the total number of shura council members 120.
In remarks to The Jordan Times IAF Secretary General Ishaq Farhan described this week’s polls “very smooth and transparent”.
 IAF sources claimed that several names are being floated to fill the sensitive post, with former overall leader of the Brotherhood, Salem Falahat, surfacing as a candidate with the strongest chances. But objection from the hawks, which control the group’s shura council, could push Murad Adayleh to the front as another strong contestant for the top post at the party.
Last week, the IAF rejected claims of “intentional irregularities” in voter registration prior to the polls.
The party has been divided between the hawk camp, which favours stronger ties with the Palestinian Islamist group, and doves, who wish to sever the party’s links with Hamas and focus on local concerns.
Farhan took over as secretary general last year on a temporary basis to pave the way for the elections, after which the Islamist movement hopes to settle differences between the feuding factions.


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