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University guards assault female students in Azhar University
University guards assault female students in Azhar University
Coinciding with the assaults on the Muslims holy sites in Jerusalem and in particular the Aqsa Mosque are assaults on the college campus in Egypt.
Wednesday, March 17,2010 17:31

Sources reported to "Ikhwanweb" that university guards banned 6 female students from the Azhar University in Zagazig from entering the grounds insisting they be searched. The girls who refused were man-handled roughly and banned from entering the college premises as a police officer threatened to beat them. The guards suspected that the girls were from the MB movement hence the rough treatment and verbal assaults with the help of thugs


A female administrator, who was called in to search the girls as ordered by police officer Mohamed Hussein Qutb, treated them roughly almost tearing the girl's clothes. Unfortunately this isn't the first time such incidents took place with girls assaulted by the university's guards

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Mubarak style Tughlaq
Can Mubarak fellow say this has happened without his knowledge? We can\'t understand why Egyptians are so blind, dump and deaf? Egyptians likes only to pamper this fellow otherwise how anti Muslim Mubarak ruled this predominant Muslim nation for 30 years?
Thursday, March 18,2010 02:52
eh egyptian pm r u israeli pet.would u like ur mother sisre or daughter to be search by man, leave our muslim daughters alone in collegue premises,stop and think would u like same happen to ur daughters what ur policeman did to ur girls in azhar university.now i know why u keep guards at university because they r related to dogs.
Sunday, March 21,2010 06:56
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