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MB MP's call for amendments to women and Copts political rights
MB MP's call for amendments to women and Copts political rights
The Muslim Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc is scheduled to hold a press conference later today in front of Parliament calling for amendments to articles concerning all political participation rights
Monday, March 22,2010 10:54



Over 100 deputies from opposing political powers are expected to participate in the conference with the MB MP's in an attempt to pressure the government to change Article 73 constituted in 1956 The most recent changes had witnessed amendments to the constitution including a quota for women, which some saw as complementing the seats reserved for workers and fellahin (farmers), which is similar to the “social contract between all classes of people. Changes are needed


The conference will call for the amendment where the new constitution must obtain social peace for all political factions including Muslim, Copt, minors and women. It must inspire trust amongst them that their rights are guaranteed and that the state will work with them to advance their rights vis-à-vis their fellow citizens
Media spokesman for the MB Hamdi Hassan and Chancellor Mahmoud Khodeiry both expressed their desire that Dr Fatthy Sorour would agree to their call. They offered that   A committee  be  composed from all political forces and trends to be tasked with agreeing on how to provide equality and justice in the constitution.  All participants agree that the work will not be easy due to the presence of numerous political factions, but it must be done that way 

Dr Hassan asserted that the conference will be large and many factions will attend including members from "The Egyptian Movement for free elections", George Isaac from the Kefaya Movement, Dr Sameer Eleish, writer and journalist Skeena Fouad and others


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