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24 members of the MB from the Sharqia governorate were released
24 members of the MB from the Sharqia governorate were released
For the second consecutive time the Egyptian judiciary has issued release orders to MB members
Tuesday, March 23,2010 09:51

 The Egyptian judiciary has issued release orders to the MB supporters of the Aqsa mosque in Egypt.  24 members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement from the Sharqia governorate were released after being detained due to their participation in a demonstration supporting the Aqsa Mosque.

Kafr Saqr Prosecution also released six members of the MB who were arrested on Thursday during a pre-dawn raid on their houses. Forces seized the men hauling them in also for taking part in Anti-Israel demonstrations. 18 other members who were arrested for the same reason were given release by the Zaqaziq Criminal Court.
Despite efforts by the Ministry of Interior who challenged a former release order the Zaqaziq Appeal Court decided to release the group who were all law-abiding and respectable citizens, overruling the appeal.
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