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Morsy: MB refuses to be dragged into Islamonline crisis
Morsy: MB refuses to be dragged into Islamonline crisis
Dr. Mohamed Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau rejected attempts to link the crisis of Islam Online website to the group.
Thursday, March 25,2010 15:50


Morsy rebuffed the attempt by some to associate the MB in the issue stressing that they had nothing to do with the matter

In a press statement, however, Dr. Morsi called on IOL website's management to expedite steps to put an end to this crisis so that the news website may resume its activities. Morsy asserted that IOL was a respectable website which contributed much to the global Islamic media, indicating that the MB is always working to expand and encourage media freedom through legitimate channels

"The Muslim Brotherhood expresses its utmost sympathy with the staff of Cairo-based Islamonline website," Dr. Morsy said.  He stressed the significance in preserving the material and moral rights of the employees who are still waiting to see the outcome of the crisis. He added that the MB policy opposes any attempts to harass individuals or destroy their means of livelihood   

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