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MB chairman dispatches welcoming telegraph to President Mubarak
MB chairman dispatches welcoming telegraph to President Mubarak
Dr Mohamed Badie MB Chairman has sent a telegraph to Egyptian president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak
Sunday, March 28,2010 17:41


The telegraph included warm wishes as such:

To the President of Egypt, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak

We would like to extend warm wishes and welcome you back to Egypt after the success of your procedure. We pray that Allah bestow on you and all his worshippers and Egyptian citizens good health and good fortune. We pray that Allah protect Egypt and its citizens from any misfortune. May Allah unite the Egyptian nation, leaders and citizens and enable them to follow the righteous path of His divinity.


Dr Mohamed Badie

Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood

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Cannot change Tughluq
We Muslims consider Mubarak equal to dog's tail and Leech. You know dog's tail cannot be straighten permanently? Also we cannot keep the leech on the mat, it will start move towards mud.
Tuesday, March 30,2010 03:26
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