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MB detainees allege prison abuse and injustice
MB detainees allege prison abuse and injustice
MB detainees in Borg El-Arab prison have faced much discrimination and human rights violation. The detainees who were arrested during protests supporting Aqsa Mosque have filed a complaint to the attorney general maintaining that they have been denied access to lawyers and visits by family.
Monday, March 29,2010 14:32

 "Although permission has been granted by the Prisoners Affairs Department the Prisons' Administration has ignored the order" asserted Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsud the MB top defense lawyer

In a statement to "Ikhwanweb" the lawyer described the conditions in which the MB detainees are being held claiming that "The cells in which the MB remain are definitely not suitable and a complete violation to human rights. 14 detainees are currently sharing a 9 square metre cell and this is a complete disgrace. Even 73 year old Sayed Nazeely the leader of the Giza MB administration has not been spared the degradation. Clearly there are violations to numerous articles in the constitution"

All in all 68 MB remain held in custody in these unsuitable conditions without any crime other than supporting the Aqsa and Palestinian issue. The alleged abuse by the Prison's administrators must stop as no sentence has been issued and the men are still awaiting pending investigations

State Security forces have continued their raid campaigns according to orders from the ruling regime with swelling numbers of detainees hauled in and leveled with accusations ranging from support and solidarity of Palestinians to affiliation with the so-called banned Muslim Brotherhood   


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