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MB youth among detainees, Ikhwanweb lists down the names of 6th April detainees
MB youth among detainees, Ikhwanweb lists down the names of 6th April detainees
Security Services arrested almost 70 demonstrators in the constitutional amendements demo once again demonstrating the inability of the ruling regime to accept freedom of speech.
Tuesday, April 6,2010 18:44


MB youth among detainees, Ikhwanweb lists down the names of 6th April detainees

Security Services have apprehended almost 70 protestors in today's demonstration which called for constitutional amendments transferring them in 5 police vehicles to two different destinations; the Ismailia desert way and the Darsa Central security detention centre.
Ikhwanweb has listed the the names of the detainees which included activists from the Muslim Brotherhood as well as two girls; Jannet Abdel Alim and Safa Ismail.
The list also includes:
Mustafa el-Shamy
Romani Somael  Gabriel
Mohamed Abdel Megid Mahmoud
Khaled Ezz el-Din
Islam Mohamed
Mohamed Sayyed Gomaa
Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Hameed
Mustafa Maher
Ahmed Mohamed Moawad Saad
Mohamed Mohyee
Mohamed Mahdy Abdel Maksoud
Mahmoud Dahshan
Shehab Abdel Mageed
Sherif Abdel Monem
Mohamed Fathy
Hani Algammal
Ahmed Nageeb Sayyed
Hamed Samy
Ahmed Ibrahim
Mohamed Saad-Allah
Arabi Kamal Farghaly (lawyer)
Alhassan Akeel
Ahmed Abdel Monem Abdel Monem
Yosef Emad Yosef
Ahmed Esawy Nasr
Mohamed Nagi
Mohamed Awad
Khaled Mohi el-Din
Abdel Hameed Medhat Abdel Azeem
Sameer Gad el-Hefnawi
Ihab Ahmed Mostafa
Mohamed Abdel Salam
Abdallah Taher
Wael Abdel Rahman
Tarek Rafat el-Dowery
Mohsen Rashad
Mohamed Zaghloul Ata
Nader Sad Abdel Aty
Shady Fekry Hassan
Ahmed Khairy
Wesam Ata
Tamer Abdel Wahab
Ahmed Abdel Wahab
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed
Mohamed Ahmed Abdo
Ahmed Mohamed Osama
Hamed Mohamed
Mahmoud Mostafa
Abdel Azeem Ismail
Mahmoud Samy
Amr Osama
Soliman Awni
Ahmed Elmereghni
Sherif Mohamed
Mohamed Shokry
Yasser Mohamed Mostafa
Abdallah Yehya Saad
Salah Husseini
Mohamed Sami Ali
Mahmoud Hazem Mohamed
Mahmoud Yaser
Taha el-Esawy
Ahmed Doma
Tarek Abul el-Ela
Islam Anwar Mohamed
Ahmed Shawki Ibrahim
Alaa Mohamed Ali
Abdel Rahman Sayyed Abdel Megid.


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price of freedom sally
This is the price of reform and freedom.we Must sacrifice to liberated from this injustice
Tuesday, April 6,2010 20:09
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