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Demonstrators detained escalate to 92
Demonstrators detained escalate to 92
The latest count of the number of detainees arrested during demonstrations has spiraled out of control reaching 92 as security continued dragging in innocent civilians.
Wednesday, April 7,2010 09:04

 The detainees were taken in by police and state security as they rallied to participate in the demonstrations which called for constitutional amendments


Baton-wielding forces assaulted the peaceful protestors resulting in clashes with the members from the MB and the April 6 movement who had collaborated calling for human rights stipulated in the constitution.


A team of lawyers has been formed to defend those remaining in custody. Sayed Fatthy a member of the legal committee has ascertained to "Ikhwanweb" that approximately 40 lawyers have agreed to stand in defense of the young detainees who are to be brought before prosecutors.


The Egyptian Human Rights Attorney General has demanded the immediate release of the detainees, asserting that they were freely and peacefully expressing their views without any breaches to the law. However he asserted the measures practiced and actions taken by security forces with the vicious assaults and beatings were a blatant abuse of human rights underscoring that Egypt had in fact ratified the international treaties on human rights but had failed miserably to follow through.


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