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MB MP condemns arrest of ElBaradei's supporters in Kuwait
MB MP condemns arrest of ElBaradei's supporters in Kuwait
Dr Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc submitted an urgent statement to the Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs concerning recent incidents related to Egyptian expatriates in Kuwait.
Saturday, April 10,2010 10:34

The Egyptians had been unjustly arrested in Kuwait simply for supporting ElBaradei and his National Association for Change. He called on them to take the necessary steps in guaranteeing their release asserting that their detention is by no means acceptable and a violation of Egypt's constitution which stipulates in Article 3; that "Sovereignty is for the people alone and they alone will practise and protect this sovereignty and safeguard national unity in the manner specified".


Hassan criticized the action maintaining  that the Kuwaiti officials' conduct was unbecoming and must be arbitrated. He argued that "The Kuwaiti government has no right to detain these men or to interfere in the affairs of the Egyptian citizens. Regardless of whether they support ElBaradei, Mubarak or any other individual the Kuwaiti officials have no right".


He urged that an Egyptian representative get involved and contact the Kuwaiti Ambassador in Cairo to defend the detainees and to advocate their release. Hassan maintained that "The intervention in the Egyptians affairs was an insult to the Egyptian Sovereignty and must be sorted without delay".


Hassan called on the Arab Affairs Committee to take action as soon as possible since it was neither tolerable nor appropriate that other states intervene in Egypt's national affairs.

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