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MB offshoot in Jordan condemn Israeli expulsion decision
MB offshoot in Jordan condemn Israeli expulsion decision
Israel's latest decision to expel thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank has been viewed as a 'direct threat' to Jordan .
Tuesday, April 13,2010 13:03

 The decision which was announced earlier this week to oust all Palestinians who did not possess valid Israeli permits, demonstrates the Israeli entity's arrogance. The MB offshoot in Jordan the Islamic Action Front's member Hassan Thunaybat has stressed that these measures will thwart any chances of Palestine becoming an independent state.

Thunaybat called on the Arab League to take firm action and annul any peace negotiations with the Israelis highlighting that it is unacceptable and an extreme violation of human rights. He criticized the action stating "How is it possible for the Arab world to stand by and allow the Palestinians eviction from their land while Israel is attracting thousands of Jews from across the world to historical Palestine '.

 He also urged the Palestinian Authority to end its dispute with Hamas and unify Palestinians against “Israeli agendas” asserting that solving internal disputes was imperative if Palestine was to succeed in resisting the Israelis schemes.

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