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Human rights condemn security attacks against political activists
Human rights condemn security attacks against political activists
The Arab Foundation for Supporting Civil Society and Human Rights slammed the security attacks and arrests which targeted members from the Kefaya Movement in front of the Supreme Court during demonstrations Tuesday.
Wednesday, April 14,2010 19:30

In its statement, which Ikhwanweb received a copy, it stressed the citizens rights  to freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrations as provided in the Egyptian Constitution in Article 54 which stipulates that, "Citizens shall have the right to peaceable and unarmed private assembly, without the need for prior notice. Security men should not attend these private meetings. Public meetings, processions and gatherings are allowed within the limits of the law”.

It stressed that the Ministry of Interior is violating human rights conventions, in particular Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which provides that the right of peaceful gathering is recognized and there should not be any restrictions imposed on practicing this right except those provided in law. Moreover this constitutes a democratic society for maintaining national security, including public safety, public order, public health, morality, values, rights of others and their freedoms.

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