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Brotherhood leader calls for annulling Emergency Law
Brotherhood leader calls for annulling Emergency Law
Freshly released MB senior leader Dr. Essam El-Erian confirmed in a recent statement that the release of the senior MB members from detention was not based on any deals struck.
Thursday, April 15,2010 18:25

Erian emphasized that the continued arrests and arbitrary detention of members of the group would not alter the MB subsistence nor affects its agenda. The brotherhoods media spokesman had been detained since early February with other high ranking leaders including Deputy Chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat.

The executive bureau member asserted that the group is following its initiative which has called for dialogue with all opposition trends in order to propose a national agenda that is for Egypt 's welfare. Delegates from the bloc have convened with various opposition leaders and members including Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who has recently emerged in the political arena. Their call for political reform urges the modification to the constitution and the ending of the emergency law which has been practiced for over 30 years.

Erian ascertained that the presence of the emergency law is used as vendetta by the ruling regime following any opposition or objections to them. He emphasized that politicians and political activists are constantly harassed and incarcerated indefinitely in an effort to intimidate groups from voicing their rejection and speaking their minds.

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