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Israel intervenes in ElBaradei's campaign analyzing his methods
Israel intervenes in ElBaradei's campaign analyzing his methods
It appears that recent reported statements made by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei regarding Israel and the so called peace process have not been met lightly. The Nobel Prize winner was said he underscored the necessity for the Palestinians to conform to resistance stressing that violence was the only language the Israeli's could understand.
Thursday, April 15,2010 20:44

ElBaradei condemned the construction of the iron wall along the Egypt-Gaza border describing it as participation in the siege on Gaza . He asserted that there were other means to solve the tunnel solution such as establishing border crossings and creating free trade zones in Rafah.

The emergence of the former IAEA chief has caused speculation where he has begun his campaign in full force beginning on the streets winning popularity and demonstrating to the public that he is as one with the citizens and understands their grievances. His campaigns have been closely monitored where he has taken to the road and visited governorates; in some instances thugs have intervened in an attempt to decrease his activities.
Recent demonstrations have taken place calling for constitutional moderation, one of ElBaradei's major urges. He has met with numerous opposition factor leaders who have promised support for his call. The Muslim Brotherhood have also met with the could be president candidate and have agreed on many issues in particular the demand for the annulling of the emergency law which enabled Mubarak to rule as a military dictator.  MB which has often been seen as a thorn in the side has declared their support for ElBaradei's calls.
Similar to opposition blocs who have suffered from the regime's oppression ElBaradei has also called for free, fair and transparent elections under judiciary supervision.


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Way to go Tughluq
First time we see a non MB Egyptian giving a statement for Palestinians. We use to hear only Mubarak's criticisms directed against oppressed people.
Saturday, April 17,2010 12:53
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