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French President calls off trip to Egypt due to Mubarak's health
French President calls off trip to Egypt due to Mubarak's health
President Mubarak's recent illness has caused much speculation on Egypt 's future both in Egypt and abroad. A trip which was arranged to take place in early May, was cancelled by Sarkozy , France 's President.
Saturday, April 17,2010 13:31

Sources reported that the meeting was called off because of Mubarak's illness which may be more serious than officially acknowledged

Mubarak has been in rule for over 30 years and has had a tight grip on the country. His imposing of emergency law is evidence of his military dictatorship during his rule despite allegations that he advocates democracy
The country has recently seen an escalation in tension as many opposition parties and blocs have been convening to discuss political reform. The Muslim Brotherhood has also been involved in dialogue with the opposition who share a common ground with the call for amendments in the constitution
The upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections have prompted the demand for free, fair and transparent elections hinting that the citizens have had enough of the regime's rigging and suppression. The constant call has led the regime's security apparatus to hold wide mass arrest campaigns in an effort to thwart these demands. The MB has been the most affected since they are the strongest and most influential opposition existing in the political arena
Although Mubarak has not confirmed his stance regarding the upcoming elections, analysts believe he is grooming his son, Gamal, to assume leadership. These allegations however, have been denied by the ruling National Democratic Party
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