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MB in Jordan wraps up Party's elections
MB in Jordan wraps up Party's elections
The MB offshoot in Jordan, The Islamic Action Front, convened earlier this week to determine the remaining members of its Shura Council and to plan its political agenda for the upcoming phase.
Sunday, April 18,2010 08:28

Jordan 's political landscape was discussed as leaders called attention to the Party's position regarding numerous issues.


Internal elections concluded after the general assembly elected the last nine members to complete the 120 strong Shura Council, (the body responsible for the party's affairs).  Having completed the process, the group is geared up to pick a new secretary general and members of the executive bureau. A possible candidate for the position is Salem Falahat, however inside sources have revealed the group is waiting to see if the MB in Egypt , will nominate a desired candidate. “It has not been decided yet if the Muslim Brotherhood Shura council would agree to name two candidates for the IAF secretary general post or leave it to the party’s Shura council to decide,” said one source on the sidelines of the  conference.


Although the activists agreed on various resolutions, on the agenda, there have been numerous allegations of deep division between the hawkish camp, which favours stronger ties with the Palestinian Islamist group, as opposed to the  doves, who call for the  severing of the party’s links with Hamas in Palestine .

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