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Finkelstein: What happened in Gaza was a massacre of civilians
Finkelstein: What happened in Gaza was a massacre of civilians
Finkelstein, in an interview with "democracy now website" speaks out on the Arab-Israeli conflict,describing it as a wide mass massacre.
Sunday, April 18,2010 12:15

NEW YORK, -- American writer and left-wing activist Norman Finkelstein has said that Israel had trespassed all lines in its last war on Gaza, charging that it did not engage in a war but rather carried out a massacre against civilians.

Finkelstein, in an interview with democracy now website on the Arab-Israeli conflict, said that there was no military confrontation in Gaza but rather, as a military analyst said, there was a bloodbath committed by Israel against unarmed civilians.

He said that eastern Jerusalem is a Palestinian territory according to the international law, referring in this respect to the international court of justice's ruling in 2004 that described eastern Jerusalem as an occupied land.

He said that Israel occupied that land in 1967 and the international law prohibits controlling land by means of war.

Finkelstein recalled that his interest in the Arab-Israeli conflict started back in 1982 during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, recalling that he daily demonstrated against that invasion.

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