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Hostage citizens and failed negotiations prompt parliament clashes
Hostage citizens and failed negotiations prompt parliament clashes
Heated debates took place in Egypt 's parliamentary hearing as opposition called for the discussion of numerous topics.
Sunday, April 18,2010 18:11


Hussein Ibrahim, from the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc urged the discussion of the report by Human Rights Council be opened. The MB and other opposition had called earlier for its discussion. He reported incidents of human rights violation citing the case of the two month old baby who was taken hostage by police to force father into handing himself in.  Ibrahim's demand however, was quelled by PA Speaker Dr. Fathy Sorour who overruled the request stressing that it would be more appropriately discussed by the human rights committee

The MB MP highlighted that Minister of State for legal affairs, Mofid Shehab is responsible for the discussion of this neglected agenda. Shehab's sole response was that the NHRC reports are incorrect and declined from discussing the report.

 He agreed on the other hand, to discuss the request by another MB MP concerning the recent "failed negotiations" between Nile Basin countries. He explained that the negotiations did not fail, and were still under negotiations.

Ahmed Ezz business tycoon and head of the planning and budget committee interceded much to the Sorour proposed a discussion on the Nile Basin negotiations to which Ahmed Ezz, head of the planning and budget committee and well known business tycoon, objected. Ezz asked ruling National Democratic Party representatives to abstain from voting, blocking any discussion of the issue.

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