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Plans for Egypt 's Shura elections underway
Plans for Egypt 's Shura elections underway
A governmental vote will be held in June, as an initial measure to establish whether authorities will concede to the participation of opposition groups in particular the Muslim Brotherhood more say.
Wednesday, April 28,2010 11:22

The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has not maintained his intentions regarding the upcoming presidential elections, has issued an order calling elections for 88 members of the Shura Council. Most of the members are from the ruling National Democratic Party. The remaining members are to be elected. Laws are usually reviewed by the council before referring them to the People's Assembly for the final say.

Egypt 's largest and most influential opposition the Muslim Brotherhood, are expected to run for seats. MB members will run as independents since they are officially banned despite boasting a positive presence in the community.  The group which adheres to non-violent measures were not only blocked from running in the last Shura election in 2008 they were unable to file their applications.


The recent crackdown on the MB group and continued arrests has come to be the norm in Egypt where the regime targets the group whenever there are elections. The arrests are an effort to intimidate other opposition.

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