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Islamophobia reaches India calling for the banning of Al-Qaradawi
Islamophobia reaches India calling for the banning of Al-Qaradawi
A Hindu priest, has unjustly called for the banning of Muslim Scholar Yusef Al-Qaradawi from entering India .
Friday, April 30,2010 10:07

The renowned and widely respected Qatari based preacher was scheduled to attend an international seminar on 'Quran' organised by the Arabic Department in the Kerala University .

In an excellent example of Islamophobic prejudice the priest accused Al-Qaradawi of promoting and advocating terrorism alleging that Al-Qaradawi a major figure in the Muslim world, labeled India as an anti-Islamic country.

The anti-Muslim activists urged the political, cultural and religious leaders to support the plea stressing that if the Indian authorities were genuine in their fight against religious extremism than they should ban Qaradawi from entering the state. The campaigners threatened that they would carry out marches and physically ban him from delivering lectures adding that they followed suit similar to measures taken by the U.S. and U.K.


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ghuroba' fsiekonomi.multiply.com
the evidence of islam as alienated but true faith nowadays may Alloh takes care the syaikh. keeps him in healthy life for being able to keep informing ummah with fatwas and knowledges.
Sunday, May 2,2010 09:56
Islamophobia Kafir
It isn\'t Islamophobia when Muslims are really trying to kill non-Muslims. No one needs to \"assault\" ISLAM. Muslims do enough to give ISLAM a bad name with the rest of the world. They don\'t need any help from the Ummat-al-Kafir.
Thursday, May 6,2010 21:14
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