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ElBaradei: Political amendments are high on my priority list
ElBaradei: Political amendments are high on my priority list
Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei engaged in an interesting debate on the renowned CNN American news channel earlier this week.
Saturday, May 1,2010 05:35

 The 'could be candidate' established that high on his priority list, was his desire to restore to the Egyptian citizens their civil rights stressing that this was more significant than nominating for presidency.

Ahmed Ezz, a well know business tycoon in Egypt and an influential National Democratic Party representative highlighted during the debate, that ElBaradei was very welcome to participate in the elections so long as he conformed to the constitution. A constitution in which all of Egypt 's opposition trends, including the popular Muslim Brotherhood bloc, have called for its amendment. Regulations in the constitution render nomination nearly impossible and opposition have called for its modification stressing the need for change in its charters especially those concerning elections and the emergency law.

It has not been revealed what his intentions are, but his numerous appearances both in Egypt and abroad have proved that maybe taking his campaign on the road is more successful than establishing an office as headquarters. Despite alleging that running for presidency is not his main goal, ElBaradei has succeeded in causing speculation and worry for the NDP whose leader 81 year old President Mubarak  isn't necessarily prepared to relinquish his leadership without a fight.


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