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MP's will conduct May 3 peaceful march despite denied permission
MP's will conduct May 3 peaceful march despite denied permission
Muslim Brotherhood members, and independents insist on carrying out their peaceful march on May 3, in a call for political reform and constitutional amendments
Sunday, May 2,2010 05:20

Muslim Brotherhood members, independents, and public figures from various political trends confirmed that they will carry out their peaceful march on May 3, despite being denied permission by the Interior Ministry


A petition signed by 27 members of parliament, highlighted that the protest was symbolic and an attempt to deliver the citizens demands for constitutional amendments. Activists have called for political reform which can only be achieved through modifications to articles which advocate human rights and freedom of expression


The march will call for the running of free, fair and transparent elections under judicial supervision and the annulling of the 'emergency law' which is expected to be reviewed in the upcoming weeks


In a statement to 'Ikhwanweb' Dr. Hamdy Hassan from the MB parliamentary bloc, stressed that all  opposition groups have agreed for the call for political reform. He asserted it was the duty of the MP's to represent the people who elected them to represent their demands in parliament. He called on the Interior Ministry to accept the peaceful march and perform the duty of protecting the people of Egypt




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