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Egypt: 4 MB arrests as nomination for Shura council approaches
Egypt: 4 MB arrests as nomination for Shura council approaches
State Security raided the houses of four prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders early Sunday. Come elections, arrest campaigns appear to be the only language understood by the ruling regime.
Sunday, May 2,2010 18:57

Opposition parties or blocs who dare nominate themselves are bullied and oppressed by the regime's security apparatus.

Books and personal belongings were confiscated as security forces raided the houses in what has become the norm. The detainees who are from Alexandria were expected to apply for candidacy for the upcoming elections of the Shura council which are expected to take place in June. 

The last parliamentary elections proved just how popular  the group  was after it acquired an unprecedented 88 out of the 444 seats after running as independents, deeming it the largest opposition bloc in parliament. The ruling regime however, continues to view the group as banned despite its large influence on the street.

It is expected that the number of arrests may rise as elections near in an attempt by the regime to intimidate opposition. Sources reveal that the MB will not be deterred and will continue to enter elections and to call for political reform regardless of the sacrifices necessary

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