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MB keen on improving MB-Copt relations
MB keen on improving MB-Copt relations
The Muslim Brotherhood members have committed themselves to the initiative of improving their relations with Egypt 's Coptic community.
Monday, May 3,2010 06:38

The group has agreed to continue their efforts in harmonizing the relationship as they believe the Copts are their fellow citizens and deserve to be treated as such.

Sources from the group have emphasized that they have always respected the Copts stressing that they are a significant element in Egypt 's society, where their opinions are respected. The MB have always expressed that the Copts are entitled to the same rights as any other citizen.

Copts have felt targeted of late, with the Nag Hammadi court hearings and the murders on Christmas Eve. Members of the MB parliamentary group had offered their condolences and support condemning the killings. They also called for the quick trial and to hold all responsible accountable.

MB Executive Bureau members, have met to discuss measures to perfect the relationship between them. The Muslim Brotherhood and Copts reciprocated relations is one of the most important issues concerning them. Abdul Rahman El-bir from the MB executive bureau asserted that the MB's principal goals were to support national unity and to solve Egypt 's problems from the ground up, contrary to the current regime

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MB to improve relation with Copts shah abdul hannan
Sir, this is absolutely necessary.All Islamic movements must improve relation with Non-Muslims and their rights. Shah Abdul Hannan Columnist and political commentator
Friday, May 7,2010 05:07
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