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News just in: Police arrest MB leaders in surprise raid
News just in: Police arrest MB leaders in surprise raid
Police arrest Muslim Brotherhood leaders Heshmat and Suleiman in escalating vendetta
Tuesday, May 4,2010 02:05

 Police from the Beheira governorate arrested Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Eng. Ossama Suleiman at the entrance of the city of Damanhour.

 They were arrested in what was a planned raid where security and police forces, were posted in different parts of the city expecting the 2 prominent MB leaders.


MB defense, Lawyer Saed Sameh Bakr has maintained that reasons for their arrest have not been disclosed as yet.



Update: Government tyranny escalates


Forces broke into the houses of Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Eng. Ossama Suleiman in the early hours of Tuesday, after the two were arrested on the outskirts of Damanhour while dozens watched. Suleiman's car remains in police's custody since they were taken in by police vehicles.



The houses were ransacked as police searched every room much to the contempt of neighbours and bystanders. The ransacking lasted 45 minutes as police overturned furniture looking for anything to charge the men. It is expected that the 2 MB leaders will be brought before prosecutors later today. 


Update: Monday 11;45


Breaking News: Detained MB leaders begin hunger strike 


According to reliable sources, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Eng. Ossama Suleiman have just begun a hunger strike protesting the unjust arrest during a surprise ambush by security. Investigations are currently underway. No reports as yet to charges levelled




A 15 day detention order was issued to both MB leaders, Heshmat and Suleiman. Both are still on a hunger strike which they  began on arrest.  


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