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Mubarak's 82nd  birthday celebrated with a not so happy nation
Mubarak's 82nd birthday celebrated with a not so happy nation
President Hosni Mubarak celebrated his 82nd birthday on Tuesday, amid a wave of popular protests, sit-ins and labor upheavals.
Wednesday, May 5,2010 13:51

Like any other situation with two sides to every story, this too can be attributed to the way Egypt 's press paid tribute to the aging President.


State-owned papers painted a pretty picture of the political arena. Papers alleged that without Mubarak none of the last 30 years prosperity would have been possible. They portrayed the man as a responsible, human rights respecting, citizen who cares for the well being of his people. They celebrated his birthday praising his organised mind and wisdom.


However, if the adage a picture speaks a thousand words is correct, than the current documenting of the strikes, sit-ins, protests  and security force attacks beg to differ.


Recent oppression on the opposition such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Kefaya, 6th April youths, reveal that a vendetta is apparent on all those who dare question or oppose the 'father figure'. The ruling regime's utter dependence on state security to keep the people at bay demonstrates that maybe things really aren't as pretty as they allege. The current emergence of ElBaradei who has come to be known as 'the president of conditions' has also been opposed. His meeting with opposition and his support with the MB in the initiative for political reform and constitutional amendments have not been taken sitting down. It seems that maybe Mubaraks' plans to quietly hand over power to his son Gamal will not be as easy as anticipated.


A recent U.S. study issued by the " Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars" also seems to disagree with Egypt 's state owned papers. The study, linked the decline of the Egyptian role on the Arab level with the arrival of President Hosni Mubarak to power in 1981, stressing  he could not during the 30 years of rule  fill the shoes  of his ancestors , despite  his assuming power at a time  when Egypt excelled in leadership in the Arab world.

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Madness Tughluq
What a shame. Why these Egyptians are brainless to celebrate a person's birthday who was responsible for loss of many Muslim lives? Over the time Mubarak's regime has fueled a Egyptian nationalism which has put a barrier for Egyptians thinking the welfare of other Muslims particularly Palestinians.
Wednesday, May 5,2010 17:24
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