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Mubarak's comments anger opposition
Mubarak's comments anger opposition
An angry response from Egypt 's opposition echoed throughout the country after President Mubarak accused the opposition of failing to reach the country's poor through meaningless slogans.
Friday, May 7,2010 00:05

The angry reaction followed after Mubarak had addressed the public Thursday with lame promises of standing by the poor. He failed however to back these promises with any words of increased pay to workers. He did however; hint of running for another term in the upcoming presidential elections where he confirmed that "Today I find myself more determined than before that our society will not relapse". If he is to run it will be his 6th term in power.


Mubarak's aggressive speech towards the opposition revealed all too well the apprehension the ruling regime felt. Opposition have been meeting and uniting in their call for political reform in an unprecedented move of unity.


The Muslim Brotherhood, Kefaya and other opposition have expressed their distaste at Mubarak's ill chosen words who charged the opposition of triggering chaos within the country with their call for change. Kefaya member, George Ishaq, stressed that maybe Mubarak should have a closer look at his policy.


Muslim Brotherhood spokesman and recently released spokesman Dr. Essam El-Erian responded angrily to the president's allegations that the upcoming elections will be characterized with integrity being free and fair. He argued that this is not true, in fact, the ruling regime has sent his aides to security directorates receiving candidacy applications in order to see make sure that candidates from outside the ruling party are denied the chance to present their nominations. He added in fact security forces have arrested members from the group who had intended to submit applications.

Opposition's reaction was well founded where they all agreed that maybe the aging 82 year old president should "Practice what he preaches" rather than '"point fingers".


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