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MB MPs assess real reason behind extended emergency law
MB MPs assess real reason behind extended emergency law
A press conference held outside parliament expressed the Muslim Brotherhood members of parliament's chagrin to the extended emergency law
Tuesday, May 11,2010 23:16

Saad Husseiny, from the MB executive bureau described the renewal as deceptive since it never has nor will be used for the reason it was designed against drug traffickers and terrorists. He asserted that the authorities intended to fulfill their commitments and expand its use against the political opposition in an effort to intimidate any individual who dared question the regime. Husseiny maintained that while it was necessary to implement a law which battled drugs and terror he believed that the law which had been imposed since 1981 had been abused empowering security forces against the wrong crowd. He referred to the continued arrests of thousands of innocent opposition especially from the MB who were not drug dealers and terrorists but rather innocent and honorable, professors, doctors, engineers and students


Opposition leaders believed that the extension of the law was agreed upon for the benefit of a few individuals who were interested in the upcoming Shura, parliamentary and presidential elections

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