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US Secretary of State slams Egypt 's emergency law extension
US Secretary of State slams Egypt 's emergency law extension
US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton condemned the decision stating that the extension ignored the Egyptian voices who sought to end the government suppression.
Wednesday, May 12,2010 06:55

Egypt 's decision to extend the 'emergency law' has drawn criticism both in Egypt and abroad. The resolution which was publicly announced was slammed by opposition groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood bloc who maintained that the motives were evident for targeting political opposition to crack down on political dissent.


US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton condemned the decision stating that the extension ignored the Egyptian voices who sought to end the government suppression. She stressed that it was regrettable that the emergency law was extended and called on the ruling regime to commit to Mubarak's promises of lifting the restrictions and replacing the law with an anti-terrorism legislation similar to other countries.  


A quick decision was made after less than a day's discussion despite much demand from human rights groups both on an international and national level to repeal the law.


The law which has been in force since 1981 has sanctioned police and security forces to indefinitely detain suspects. Furthermore the law stipulates that civilian detainees may be referred to military tribunals similar to that of the MB deputy Khayrat Al-Shater who was served an unjust sentence of 7 years despite numerous acquittals. He and other leading MB are currently serving their harsh sentences.


MB media spokesman Dr. Essam El-Erian also from the executive bureau, rejected the measure asserting that  "There is absolutely no justification for extending the state of emergency, there have been no militant attacks which could prompt this law," adding in fact "There is no evidence at all of an organised revival of militancy. The government is incapable of enacting an ordinary law against terrorism and now there are unfettered powers granted once again to the government to detain anyone they want, at any time, for just about any reason".


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