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MB: Despite restrictions we will continue our cause through peaceful and constitutional measures
MB: Despite restrictions we will continue our cause through peaceful and constitutional measures
The Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement asserting that they will continue to exercise their constitutional and legal rights to participate in the upcoming elections.
Sunday, May 16,2010 09:00
The group maintained that they will continue in their cause, regardless of the security apparatus' suppression against the MB members, campaigners and candidate supporters  
They condemned the arrest of the 8 MB supporters of candidate Alaa Othman from the Minya constituency asserting that it did not benefit the regime. The MB pointed out that the government exposed itself to the world as incapable of following through with its promises of limiting the renewed emergency law to terrorist and drug trafficking incidents as it continues to haul in more MB members


Egypt's ruling regime failed to prioritize its efforts where it should have focused on current affairs including, that of the Nile water. The Nile Basin countries have collaborated together against the interests of Upper Egypt with the recent signing of an agreement regarding the sharing of the Nile 's water.

The MB urged citizens and political opposition to support their call for freedom of expression and political reform. In the statement, the group encouraged the people to partake in the elections and cast their vote and not to succumb to the authority's intransigence and to peacefully resist the arbitrary actions which violate the Constitution and the law

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