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MB Morsy demands NDP Shura candidate withdraw questioning validity
MB Morsy demands NDP Shura candidate withdraw questioning validity
Dr Mohamed Morsy from the Muslim Brotherhood's executive bureau deplored the unethical measures practiced by the ruling regime's NDP regarding the upcoming Shura elections.
Sunday, May 16,2010 17:45

He urged that  NDP candidate Hoda Tablawy withdraw her nomination from the Kafr el Sheik constituency since her applications were invalid as she has numerous court orders to her name demanding she offer a public apology to the people she had intended to  mislead. Morsy slammed the authority's lack of transparency and negligence in investigating the MB appeal to have her eliminated from the elections since she did not comply with the electoral prerequisites

The MB media, spokesman, maintained that the regime once again demonstrated that the so called running of free and fair elections fall short of being achieved with the regimes in authenticity. In his statement to "Ikhwanweb" he slammed the authorities for rigging applications in favour of the NDP, stressing that it was unacceptable and in clear violation of the Egyptian constitution
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