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ElBaradei criticizes Egyptian govt for extending emergency law
ElBaradei criticizes Egyptian govt for extending emergency law
Former IAEA chairman Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei criticised the recent decision by the ruling regime to renew the emergency law in Egypt
Tuesday, May 18,2010 22:42

ElBaradei stressed that while he agreed that terrorism must be fought to ensure security, he refused to use that as an excuse to suppress political freedoms


In his interview with the Italian paper "Corriere della Sera", he stressed that political changes and reform are necessary for Egypt 's progress. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate indicated that it was imperative that the regime respects human rights and freedom of speech, and described the actions taken against opposition as backward. ElBaradei met with numerous opposition movements, parties and trends, including Egypt 's strongest opposition the Muslim Brotherhood bloc. Egyptian authorities however have resorted to detentions and arrests as political activists go vocal, although demonstrations are peaceful.

  The upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections will reveal the true intentions of the government which appears adamant in maintaining its monopoly over legislative councils despite claims by President Mubarak that elections will be free and fair.

  ElBaradei maintained that Egyptians are currently stressed explaining that 42% of Egyptians live on less than one dollar a day, and 30% of the population is illiterate while unemployment is high and corruption widespread




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