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Muslim Brotherhood describes Jordan 's new election law as debilitating
Muslim Brotherhood describes Jordan 's new election law as debilitating
The Islamic Action Front in Jordan has criticised the latest electoral law, saying it will weaken its once strong existence in poll.
Thursday, May 20,2010 08:07


The Cabinet approved the regulation which decreases the number of seats in urban areas where the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot has much strength allotting them to the rural districts which are supported by Bedouin tribes, which back the government


According to sources the government has manipulated the law to directly affect the popular Brotherhood, which acquired nearly half the seats in parliament during the last ten years


Jamil Abu-Bakr from the IAF ascertained that his group would not be deterred and will still participate in the fall elections


Government spokesman Nabil al-Sharif commended the law claiming that it increased the number of seats from 10 to 120 and doubled the women's quota to 12 seats

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