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"Islam is the Solution" is constitutional, argue MB candidates
Muslim Brotherhood candidates have met with much controversy for their continued use of their renowned motto "Islam is the Solution."
Thursday, May 20,2010 10:11


Muslim Brotherhood candidates have met with much controversy for their continued use of their renowned motto "Islam is the Solution,". They argue that the Brotherhood's slogan is legal and conforms to Article 2 of the Constitution


MB leader Abdallah el-Bahrawi, from the Journalists Syndicate maintained that all candidates, used religious mottos including those from the ruling National Democratic Party referring to verses from the Holy Quran which are cited during their campaigns. El-Bahrawi added "Several court rulings confirmed that the Brotherhood's slogan conforms to the Constitution".

However, Gehad Ouda, of the NDP's influential Policies Committee, alleged that the Brotherhood's slogan was unconstitutional, claiming that such decision should be made by the Supreme Constitutional Court and not the lower courts.

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True Tughluq
Can we know what else is solution if Islam is not? Why these Egyptians are telling they are Muslims if Islam is not a solution? Arab nationalism in the name of secularism had removed real essence of Islam from the minds of Arabs particularly from Egyptians. There is already a dangerous situation for Egyptians where many non Arab Muslims do not look them brotherly. There is no respect at all. All these are outcome of government's anti Muslim attitude and foreign policy where Egyptian people are also responsible. Egypt would have been removed from list of Islamic countries if Al-Azhar is not there.
Friday, May 21,2010 05:21
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