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Clashes conclude Egyptian democracy conference in U.S.
Clashes conclude Egyptian democracy conference in U.S.
Tensions rose and verbal clashes took place during the final session of the conference in the U.S. titled "The Future of Democracy in Egypt".
Friday, May 21,2010 20:26

The seminar organised by the Egyptian Association for change", a group formed to support former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei,  discussed the beginning of judicial proceedings to allow Egyptian expatriates to vote in Egypt's elections


George Ishaq from the Kefaya movement left the conference after announcing he had nothing to do with the group and that he was in the US engaged in different business. The alliance's collaborator Sabry El-Baga argued that in fact, Ishaq had asked to participate in the conference and in addition to this, all expenses were paid for


Kefaya issued a statement alleging that Ishaq was attempting to secure weight and power by frequenting and traveling with groups that consider themselves part of the opposition. Ishaq however, abstained from commenting on the statement

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