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MB Statements
MB Statement on Israel's military massacre against the Freedom Flotilla
MB Statement on Israel's military massacre against the Freedom Flotilla
The Muslim Brotherhood vehemently condemns the military attack which has killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians on board the vessels.
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Monday, May 31,2010 14:07

The barbaric Israeli aggression against the Freedom Flotilla early Monday morning is a dreadful violation of all human, national and international laws. The ships carrying 700 activists and 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid, was on the last leg of what was hoped to be a successful attempt to break Israel's illegal siege of the Gaza Strip imposed for over three years

The Muslim Brotherhood vehemently condemns the military attack which killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians on board the vessels. The continued barbaric attacks on any civilians and in particular the Palestinians must be stopped

We, the Muslim Brotherhood, appeal to the people of the Arab, Muslim and free worlds to forcefully declare their anger, and to exercise pressure on their governments and leaders to move quickly and powerfully to prevent further violations and inhuman aggression by the Israeli military against the fleet

We urge the Arab and Islamic governments, especially in Egypt, to move and effectively prevent the killing of more innocent civilians, both on land and sea and order the immediate and permanent opening of the Rafah crossing. Furthermore, we demand the expulsion of the Israeli ambassadors in Cairo, and the rest of the Arab and Islamic capitals as a matter of urgency. Arab nations must sever all ties and declare a state of non-normalization with the Israeli zionists. The Arab League must assume its responsibility and intervene to put an end to the piracy and terror committed by the Israelis against civilians on the vessels of freedom

We hold the United Nations fully responsible for the Israeli's actions, which may trigger a devastating war if the world continues to remain silent against these war crimes 

Furthermore we call upon the Arab League, Islamic Conference Organization, and all the international relief and civil society institutions and human rights organizations to move quickly and effectively against Israel's crimes

We, the Muslim Brotherhood, offer our sincere condolences to the families of innocent victims and martyrs from all nationalities, asking Allah the speedy recovery of the injured

We call on the international community to intervene to free all members of parliament and international dignitaries detained by the Israeli troops immediately and without delay, and to fully disclose the names of victims to their families and loved ones

We demand that the Israeli war criminals be tried and prosecuted before an International Criminal Court fpr this heinous crime. Moreover we call on the Egyptian government to allow the convoy a safe passage to the Gaza Strip

Muslim Brotherhood


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call for unity is more urgent than before, though.
Friday, June 4,2010 10:14
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