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MB: Voters' intimidations contradict Mubarak's calls for transparent elections
MB: Voters' intimidations contradict Mubarak's calls for transparent elections
The Muslim Brotherhood has reported extreme violations by the security forces against candidates and voters
Tuesday, June 1,2010 15:47

The Muslim Brotherhood activists reported widspread voting irregularities and intimidations by the security forces of candidates and voters, in a grave violation of  constitutional laws that ensured citizens's rights to freely choose their elected representatives.

Reports of vote rigging and corruption are emerging throughout the country. Police officers and security forces have forcefully prevented voters from reaching their polling stations. In one incident in the Beheira governorate witnesses reported use of live ammunition by police officer Ahmed Al Banna who shot MB supporter Fayez Mahdi Arabi in an attempt to disperse the crowds who were insisting on reaching the ballot boxes to exercise their constitutional rights. Arabi was rushed to hospital and is expected to undergo an emergency surgery
 In Kafr el Sheik, complaints by MB candidates and supportes of voting irregularities to the Attorney general went in vain 

The Muslim Brotherhood holds the ruling party and authorities fully responsible for the deliberate corruption of the Shura elections by the Interior Ministry, which contradict the President's repeated promises of transparent elections
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