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Announcement: Global Day to break the Israeli siege
Announcement: Global Day to break the Israeli siege
A protest has been organized for Saturday, June 5 2010, to lift the Israeli siege on Gaza and to keep the Rafah crossing permanently
Friday, June 4,2010 21:16

All are invited and encouraged to attend the stand which has been named the Global Day to break the Israeli siege  scheduled to take place in Cairo at the Shooting Club (Nadi Seid) at 5 pm and the Press Syndicate at 6 pm


We call on all to attend this event which will be held worldwide to help raise awareness which reveals the falsity of the claim that the Rafah border has been opened to accommodate the Gazans needs


All are welcome and urged to be active participants and bring both Turkish and Palestinian flags to demonstrate solidarity with the besieged Gazans



For further details please contact:  [email protected]


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