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Egypt's People Assembly discusses police misconduct during Shura elections
Egypt's People Assembly discusses police misconduct during Shura elections
The PA's Committee on Human Rights chaired by Judge Edward Ghali Al-Dahaby, has decided to discuss violations by security forces during the voting process in addition to other human rights issues
Sunday, June 6,2010 23:14

The meeting followed dialogue by the Committee for Defense and National Security (DNSC) and the reviewing of a number of interrogations and requests made by parliamentarians about police abuses in the Shura Council elections

In a statement, the DNSC Secretariat reported that the Commission will summon a number of the Interior Ministry's top officials next Thursday to discuss the allegations against a number of Criminal Investigation officers in Kafr el-Sheikh who beat up detainees arrested during one of the rallies organized by the MB Shura candidate
The DNSC  has affirmed that it will also discuss other complaints filed during the upcoming week. They will also invite the National Council for Women to convene to discuss its future policy of cooperation between the Commission and the National Council for Women
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