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MB aid convoy sets off for Gaza
MB aid convoy sets off for Gaza
After both national and international condemnation of the Israeli massacre on the freedom flotilla citizens have been driven to call louder for the siege on Palestine to be lifted.
Monday, June 7,2010 10:37

Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc and several political opposition parties will lead a symbolic convoy carrying humanitarian aid to the besieged Gazans in Palestine


The convoy, which set off early this morning, is led by MB MP's Dr. Mohamed Beltagy and Dr. Hazem Farouk who were on board the attacked Turkish ship early last week. The initiative has gathered many participants including MP Hamdeen Sabbahy, Farid Ismail, Saad Aboud in addition to many journalists, intellectual and the media


Beltagy asserted that the convoy illustrates the true will, support, and solidarity of the Egyptian people with their brothrens in the besieged Gaza Strip and the seriousness of their demands to keep the Rafah crossing permanently open


Farouk emphasized that lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip is a unanimous humanitarian demand, adding that while the Arab regimes failed to demonstrate genuine concern with the Palestinian issue,  Europeans and Western activists took a bold position to organize a fleet of aid to lift the siege on Gaza.


The convoy will garner the attention of Egyptians in particular and the entire world as it makes its way to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza . The vehicles are loaded with humanitarian aid and building material for the Gazans.

Human rights campaigners and intellectual  have expressed their full support for the convoy, which left the MB Parliamentary office in Cairo, stressing that the ongoing siege of Gaza is a crime against humanity, as was the Israeli attack on the ship which was in international waters


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