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MB and ElBaradei agree on reform
MB and ElBaradei agree on reform
The recent meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood and 'could be presidential candidate' Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei ended amiably as both parties agreed on the significance of political amendments and reform in Egypt
Tuesday, June 8,2010 13:11

 The recent meeting between the Muslim Brotherhood and potential presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei ended as both parties agreed on the significance of political amendments and reform in Egypt

The former IAEA chief's recent emergence in the political arena has prompted the call for opposition to unite in their demands for democratic reform. Despite numerous assurances by President Mubarak and NDP officials for transparency in elections, the recent Shura Mid-term elections proved the opposite. None of the 12 MB candidates secured seats despite of their popularity. Supporters and candidates were bullied and intimidated during the campaign leading to elections, which resulted in low voters' turnout

Dr. Rashad Bayoumi, Deputy Chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood stated the movement will continue dialogue with other opposition parties, which began early this year. He added that despite of ideological differences, there is national consensus over the need for political and democratic reform

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