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MB MP responds to 'bragging' accusations
MB MP responds to 'bragging' accusations
In response to attacks by some state owned and western newspapers against the Muslim Brotherhood MP Mohamed Beltagy, who was on the Gaza-bound flotilla taking humanitarian aid to them, actual events and the comments made after returning to Egypt are made in his defence
Wednesday, June 9,2010 18:59


 Papers reported that on Tuesday of last week, Beltagy who was interviewed on the "10 at Night" talk show on the Egyptian channel Dream bragged that activists on board the attacked ship overpowered three Israeli commandos and snatched their weapons from them, the reports however failed to reveal that the MB MP was among the doctors who treated  the Israeli troops from minor scratches after clashes between the peace activists who were on the ship and the troops who descended on them from military helicopters

 The mere insinuations that the MP was hampering Egyptians  rights and public relations illustrates the intolerance of author Abdallah Kamal  of the Rose el Yusef paper which has not been amiable to any members of the MB since its establishment hence the accusations

The fact that the MB was 'bragging' is unacceptable since he was relaying the events to the public. If in fact he was on board a 'terrorist' ship with terrorist intentions would Israel have easily released the peace activists who in fact were in International waters during the attack. Furthermore reports not only by the MB member but other members on board the ship revealed the Israelis had boarded the ship with full intentions to kill. In fact witnesses asserted that the Israelis inflicted terror as an Israeli soldier aimed his weapon at a 1 year old infant to force the ships captain to turn off the ship's engine

 Evidence that the Freedom Flotilla is an international peaceful humanitarian initiative away from the so-called terrorism is demonstrated in the fact that members on board the ship include distinguished people from all creeds, color and religion including men, women and children set on breaking the 4 year Israeli blockade on the innocent Gazans

 The interview in fact included no bragging but rather factual reporting by an Egyptian doctor from the MB bloc, who treated Israeli troops on board the attacked ship and who is also a respected member of parliament. Furthermore the attack on the peaceful humanitarian ship only strengthened his and other peace activists' resolve to continue collecting more humanitarian aid and set off with other activists to help the besieged Gazans only days after his return with no intention for revenge despite the aggressive and arrogant massacre by the Israeli military

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