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Human rights: NDP's 90% win is forged
Human rights: NDP's 90% win is forged
According to human rights groups, widespread rigging dominated the Shura elections last week where the ruling party won 90 percent of the seats
Wednesday, June 9,2010 00:16

The eight other seats were won by four opposition parties and four independents respectively. None of the 14 fielded Muslim Brotherhood candidates were successful in attaining any of the seats although they enjoy wide spread popularity in the streets. In fact the MB has 88 representatives in parliament after they ran as independents in 2005

Opposition parties believe the ruling party hopes to dishearten them from participating in the upcoming parliamentary  elections scheduled for October in an effort to evade another strong performance by the MB. However opposition in particular the MB have vowed not to be intimidated and have strengthened their resolve in continuing to participate in the political arena and are adamant to follow their cause in the call for political reform and constitutional amendments for free and fair elections. Moreover they demand the restoration of judiciary supervision for elections so that the shameful measures and procedures practiced during the Shura may not be repeated
Human Rights Monitors recorded an extremely low voter turnout for the elections at just 10 percent. Appeals have been filed by opposition candidates who reported a wide range of violations before and during the elections as thugs tried to intimidate candidates and their supporters
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