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ElBaradei's bid brings Egypt 's political future to a new level
ElBaradei's bid brings Egypt 's political future to a new level
Since his emergence onto the political arena in Egypt , former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei's has worked on forming a popular union with political opposition calling for political reform captivating the Egyptian activist and intellectual scene.
Saturday, June 12,2010 16:01


ElBaradei's support mostly initiated from opposition such as the moderate Muslim Brotherhood bloc which has called for the same amendments. However a recent meeting with the Egyptian left  calling themselves "Leftists supporting ElBaradei" and the Peace prize laureate featured amiable discussions about ElBaradei's recent campaign


Leftist reactions to the 'could be presidential candidate' reveals though that ElBaradei's call for change have been divided into two main trends mainly concerns to the effectiveness and methods of his call


Although the discussions illustrated that the leftists and ElBaradei had 2 qualitively different but not opposite understandings of democracy they agreed with ElBaradei's comments that democracy is key to any country's advancement and to unleashing its citizens’ creative potential


ElBaradei maintained that he could not promote political change without help and called on the  Egyptians to assume joint  responsibility asserting that  risks are necessary to secure a better future Egypt Adding “We cannot  leave the future of Egypt's presidency to chance" and insisted on the importance of mutual trust and responsibility

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