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Amr Mousa: Israeli blockade must be lifted
Amr Mousa: Israeli blockade must be lifted
Amr Mousa, Arab League's Secretary General ascertained that the arrogant siege on Gaza must be immediately broken
Sunday, June 13,2010 14:50

 During a press conference on his arrival Mousa maintained that there was a unanimous and clear decision by the Arabs in this direction adding that the whole world now stands in the face of the siege and against what is taking place  in Jerusalem

Mousa ascertained  that reconciliation  between Fatah and Hamas was a significant and major issue involving  political will and immediate application with disregard to petty conflict 

He paid tribute to the steadfastness and patience  of the Palestinian people affirming that the Arab League aspired in attaining and achieving  an  independent state for the Palestinians whose  capital is Jerusalem

Mousa claimed that the presence of all  Palestinian factions in the  meeting, revealed the true significance of brotherhood to the Palestinian people at this point

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