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Human rights committee calls for MB's military court victims' release
Human rights committee calls for MB's military court victims' release
The Egyptian President Hosni, Mubarak has received an appeal by the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London , calling for the release of Eng. Khayrat al-Shater
Friday, June 18,2010 19:47

 The deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hassan Malik have served more than half of their 7 year sentence issued in a military tribunal. Despite numerous acquittals in civil court, leading members of the MB were unjustly referred to a Military tribunal. In total Al-Shater has spent ten years in Mubarak's prisons although the host of accusations leveled at him have been baseless with no tangible evidence.
According to Egyptian law a general pardon is attainable once the prisoner has fulfilled half their sentence and been on good behaviour. Al-Shater's family called on the IHRC to stand by him and unite in the call for his release. They asserted that as a result of his prolonged imprisonment his health has greatly suffered and been affected.
In turn the IHRC has urged the Egyptian government to abolish the Emergency law which was recently renewed despite much protest by the opposing forces and to end the process of politicizing the judiciary. The committee called for the immediate release of Al-Shater and other political detainees and to end the process of politicizing the judiciary.

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