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Egyptian analyst Howeidy believes Turkey has left Arab regimes uncomfortable
Egyptian analyst Howeidy believes Turkey has left Arab regimes uncomfortable
In a recent interview Egyptian political analyst Fahmy Howeidy has alleged that most of the Arab governments are dissatisfied with the Turkish role in the Middle East because of its firm stand against Israel ; contrary to that of the Arab regimes.
Monday, June 21,2010 14:10

Howeidy has asserted that Turkey embarrassed the Arab regimes simply because they were bold enough to say no to Israel . The Israelis had hoped its arrogant attack by commandos on the Freedom Flotilla on its way to Gaza would pass without incident just as all their violations pass. In fact it was  ill calculated and they disregarded the fact that Turkey with its elected government is different and will respond to society's anger over Israeli acts

Turkey's elected government has illustrated that the former rulers of the Arab lands during the Ottoman era are back in the region in full force this time however through political influence, security alliances and economic interests.Turkey’s current trade balance with all Middle Eastern countries, apart from Iran and Qatar , is positive
Regarding Turkey ’s new role in the Middle East , and it's views of the Middle Eastern governments' papers have published differing views from both sides. Nevertheless it is evident that Turkey 's stance is much stronger and willful than its Arab counterparts where it has won the hearts of both the Turkish and Arab streets. Although it seems there will not be open confrontation Howeidy believes the Egyptian government will be cautious of Turkey since they think Turkey is stealing their  role where Turkey has shown that there are things that should be done and that the Egyptians are not there to do it
With regards to the Egyptian government's support of the blockade on Gaza Howeidy expressed that Egypt 's issue is with Hamas as they have not accepted that it was elected by the people accepting Israel 's perspective describing them as dangerous. Accordingly it is under the Israeli pressure that as long as Hamas is there, Egypt will not open the border since Hamas has relations with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt . They believe the activities of the two challenges the Egyptian regime
Howeidy addressed the Palestinian and Israeli two state solution highlighting that he believed it is not possible with Israel since it keeps building settlements among Palestinians
 He claimed that practically, there is no point to press a two-state solution. Israel once said that they can exchange land with the Palestinians and it would take all  the nice areas with water and give the Palestinians the desert land
In addition to this Israel has doubled the settlements, they have brought Jews from outside, and they attacked Gaza
They use negotiations to have more time to change the map. It seems resistance is the only solution, but how to resist is something that can’t be discussed. You can only say “no"
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